Mongolia 2006 Keck Project: Petrology

A collection of images, emphasizing the petrology portion of the project, from the the Mongolia 2006 Keck Geology
Consortium project.  Photos not attributed are by Brennan Jordan.

Group Pictures

2006 Mongolia Keck project group photo - what a crew! (photo by John Wegmann)


The petrology crew (left to right), Davka (Mongolian Univ. of Science and Technology, MUST), Jake (Univ. of
South Dakota), Brian (Pomona College), Angie (Beloit College), Rachel (Amherst College) Tamir (MUST),
Brennan (Univ. of South Dakota), and Javkhaa, (MUST). (photo by Bob Carson)


The University of South Dakota contingent, Jake Tielke (student) and Brennan Jordan (faculty). (photo by Moyo)


In the Field: The Khangay Mountains

Camp in the Khangay Mountains (photo by Jake Tielke).


View up-valley from camp; the conical peak is underlain by volcanic rock, but is not a volcano.


A peaceful moment at the volleyball net at camp.


The petrology group looking into upper-valley volcanic study area.


Rachel examining granites with abundant metamorphic xenoliths.


Davka, Javkhaa, Rachel, and Brian working on a Mesozoic granite outcrop.


Javkhaa carefully examining a granite.


Glacial valley carved in volcanic rocks; this was the next valley east of camp, and the focus of the study of older voclanic rocks.


Jake, Brian, and Javkhaa examine a platy dike cutting through their section.


Interesting volcanic relations in the cirque headwall, note lavas on left and red cinders and complexity in upper right, light
colored cliffs below are Mesozoic granites.


Bedded phreatomagmatic deposits in the cirque headwall, note rounded granite stream boulders among volcanic materials.


Granite cliffs above a glacial valley in the Khangay Mountains.


Students on a granite slope.


Angie did a bit of gardening among the granites, collecting wild onions. (photo by Jake Tielke)


The Russian vans could go just about anywhere, but they do get stuck at times; we pulled out manually in this case.


The Russian vans are designed for all contingencies, they can even be hand-cranked!  Batra gets the job done.


Driver Tsele poses by a Bronze Age "deer stone".


Last resort transportation, Jake takes a heroic ride.  This trip took him across a larger stream to collect a sample
for Angie; a storm came up and he had to swim back in the midst of it!


Javkhaa, Jake, and Brian celebrating the completion of their stratigraphic section


Beyond the Study Area

Having a little fun on the return trip.


Crepuscular rays above the Karakoram Monastary at Kharkhorin.


Zaisan Memorial, on a hilltop above Ulaanbaatar, a memorial to unknown soldiers and heroes of war, constructed by soviets.


Interesting tile mural in the interior of the Zaisan Memorial, recollecting defeat of Germany in World War II.


Power generating station (coal) beyond Buddhist statue in Ulaanbaatar