Mostly geologic pictures taken on trips to Spain in 2011 (northeast) and 2012 (southwest)

Route of our 2011 trip

Folded rocks above Aliaga

Another beautiful fold from Aliaga

The Roman aqueduct of Segovia with the Sierra Guadarrama in the background

Rugged ridges in the Cantabria Mountains of northern Spain

Peaks of the Cantabria, northern Spain, from the cable car above Fuente De

Jeanne in the Cantabria Mountains

Tilted strata at Zumaia, northern Spain.  Site of two "global boundary stratotype sections and points" (GSSP) in the Paleocene, and home of a geological musum.

Brennan's nightmare, being consumed by Cenozoic strata on the Basque coast at Zumaia

A rushing stream in the Pyrenees in northeastern Spain

Justine joined us in Barcelona, here with Jeanne in the Sagrada Familia

Our route in 2012

The Sierra Nevada of southern Spain

A fine set of slickenlines on breccia in the Sierra Nevada of southern Spain

Slickensides on a fault in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Spain)

Volcanic rocks at Cabo de Gata in southern Spain

Jeanne on volcanic breccia in the Cabo de Gata area, southern Spain

Garnet in dacite at La Hoyazo near Cabo de Gata.  The garnets are restitic xenocrysts from crustal melting.

The garnet at La Hoyazo weather out of associated pyroclastic rocks into soil and surface deposits, one can just pick these at the surface.

The Tagus River below the Alcazar in Toledo, Spain.

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