University of South Dakota
New Mexico Spring Break Field Trip

 March 4-12, 2017
1 or 2 Credits
$250 course fee

The 2017 Earth Sciences spring break field trip will focus on New Mexico, as well as parts of southern Colorado and west Texas (see map below). The focus of the trip is the geology of the region, but all are welcome.  We hike and camp in an array of sites of natural beauty and tour the diverse desert and mountain ecosystems of New Mexico.  We also visit archaeological sites at Bandelier National Monument (Ancestral Pueblo people) and the Three Rivers Petroglyphs site.

The course can be taken for 1 or 2 credits.  To earn one credit a student actively participates and takes notes on the trip.  For two credits students write a report on a topic of their choosing after the trip.

In addition to tuition there is a course fee of $250 toward the costs of van transportation, camping, and site entry fees.  Food costs will be shared.

Join the trip by registering for ESCI 396 on Web Advisor!  Contact with any questions