Iceland Volcanology Field Camp
Black Hills Natural Sciences Field Station
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Some scenes from previous offerings of the camp!
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Visiting the Laugahraun lava flow at Landmannalaugar in 2012

Characterizing tephra below Hekla in 2013

Sketching field relations at Aldeyjarfoss in 2015

Mapping in Tertiary lavas in the Westfjords in 2013

Mapping where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge comes ashore in 2012

Camp in the Westfjords in 2012

Characterizing subglacial deposits near Thingvellir in 2015

Brennan Jordan (camp director) discussing rootless vent fields in 2012

Sigrun Hreinsdottir (University of Iceland) discussing GPS monitoring of volcanic systems in 2012

Learning about setting up a GPS campaign station in 2015

Studying the Solheimar ignimbrite in 2014

Demonstrating fumarole gas measurements with a multiGAS unit at Landmannalaugar in 2013

Juggling tephra on Eldfell on the island of Heimey in 2014

Characterizing the Namshraun lava flow in 2012

Mapping glacial deposits in 2015

Icelandic moss could be mistaken for a perfect mattress in 2014

The best way to appreciate geothermal energy with the 2012 group

The 2013 group celebrating a successful camp in front of Snaefellsjokull

The 2015 group at Saelingsdalur