Iceland 2004
Keck Junior Research Project:
Contrasting Tertiary Central Volcanoes in NW Iceland

Iceland Keck 2004 group:
left to right: Brennan Jordan (Wooster), Keegan Schmidt (Lewis-Clark), Ross Baldwin (Colorado College),
Lebn Schuyler (Whitman), Lara Kapelanczyk (Smith), Sheena Styger (U. of the Pacific), Paul Olin (WSU),
Sara Johnson (Beloit), Jerod Randall (Beloit), Char Adzima (Wooster)

Director: Brennan Jordan (The College of Wooster)
Keegan Schmidt (Lewis-Clark State College)
TA: Paul Olin (Washington State University)

Seven students representing the Keck Consortium joined the project faculty on a month-long research expedition to north-central and northwestern Iceland.  The study focused on two areas.  The first half was on the southern Skagi Peninsula of north-central Iceland, following up on the 2003 Iceland Keck Project, and the second half was spent in the Westfjords of northwestern Iceland.  The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is exposed above sea level at Iceland (Fig. 1) due to the interaction of the ridge with a hotspot (generally interpreted as a mantle plume).  Plate motion causes the ridge to migrate westward off of the hotspot.  The ridge periodically ‘jumps’ to recenter on the hotspot, abandoning the old ridge.  The last ridge-segment to be abandoned goes through the Skagi area and Snæfellsnes Peninsula; it was active from 15 to 7 Ma (Fig. 2).  The two project areas reflect activity on this rift at two different times in its history, early in the Westfjords (~14 Ma) and late at Skagi  (8.6-7.0 Ma).  In both project areas our studies were focused on the areas around Tertiary central volcanoes where diverse arrays of compositions (basalt to rhyolite) could be studied.  Our studies included mapping and sampling in the field and petrography and geochemistry (XRF, ICP-MS, and microprobe) back in the lab.  A summary of results can be view in the summary (linked below).

Post-project summary report (pdf)

Photo Galleries:

Project Gallery: Scenic, geologic, working, and fun photos from the project

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