Iceland 2007
Keck Project

Kamilla in front of a wall of sub-glacial pillows on the pre-project field trip in south-central Iceland

Paul in his element, talking pumice in front of the rootless cones near Stong

Dan high above Landmannalaugar

Camp near Landmannalaugar

Home sweet home, Nordurfjordur, our main base camp

View of Caitlyn's area from the beach near camp

Dan taking careful notes across from Beth's area

Caitlyn and Beth discussing the geology above Reykjafjordur

Kamilla taking notes on an interesting dike

The basaltic peak Glifsa above Dan's area

Looking across the fjords from the icecap Drangajokull (left) to the Greenland Sea (right)

Looking north to the Krossnes peninsula (redundant since nes means peninsula) from Kamilla's area

Caitlyn studying tuffs welded and compacted by the overlying rhyolite lavas at Kaldalon

Karen Harpp (Colgate) and Denny Geist (Univ. of Idaho) joined us for a few days at Kaldalon

Kamilla on glacial ice where Drangajokull flows into the valley Kaldalon

Paul boot-skiing down Drangajokull

Every few days we'd get a shower and sooth sore muscles at Krossneslaug,
looking out to the Greenland Sea

Bob and Paul talking shop in the hot tub at Krossneslaug

What a surprise, geologists skipping stones at Dritvik on Snaefellsnes on our last day out