Iceland 2004
Keck Project

Photos taken during the fieldwork phase of the 2004 Iceland Keck project.
(photographers other than Brennan Jordan are credited)

The gang arrives in Blonduos in the Skagi area

The valley Strjugsskard connects valleys Laxardalur and Langidalur

Basalts and the cliff-forming Strjugsskard andesite in Langidalsfjall

Ross Baldwin mapping above Laxardalur

Lara in Laxardalur

Char high on Langadalsfjall

Variable lithilogies of the Strjugsskard andesite lava

Departing from Bolungarvik for fieldwork in the Westfjords

Above the abandoned village Grunnavik (still used for summerhouses)

Jerod high on Seljafell

The thick andesite lava at Seljafell

Sara measureing section in the basalt sequence near Grunnavik

Frigi and family were our hosts at Grunnavik

Back country camp above Leirufjordur

A tongue of the glacier Drangajokull above Leirufjordur

Trollafell, a dacite dome above Leirufjordur

Sheena at the end of the glacier Drangajokull

Lara and Lebn mapping above Leirufjordur

Keegan and Paul on the trip back to Bolungarvik

Flying out of Isafjordur at the end of the project