Iceland 2003
pre-Keck Travel

These photos were taken during a trip I took with my wife Jeanne prior to the beginning of the Iceland Keck 2003 project.

View over the Laugahraun, a rhyolite (including obsidian) lava erupted 1477 AD) at Landmannalaugar central Iceland

Source of the 1477 AD Laugahraun

A small hotspring spatters loudly (like a rocket) at Landmannalaugar

Mountains along the edge of the Torfajokull caldera at Landmannalaugar

Altered rhyolites in the back country southwest of Landmannalaugar

View to the east beyond the at Landmannalaugar

A small Quaternary rhyolite dome on Snaefellsnes, western Iceland

A panorama of Snaefellsjokull near the western end of Snaefellsnes.  Note the spectacular lava levees/gutters on the
slopes of the mountain that trace out the flow pattern of each lava.  In Jules Verne's journey to the center of the earth
Snaefellsjokull is the entry point for the great journey!

A detailed view of the volcanic structure on the flanks of Snaefellsjokull

Snaefellsjokull viewed from the beach at the western tip of Snaefellsnes

Uniform black basalt pebbles on the beach at western tip of Snaefellsnes

The view west down the axis of Isafjardarjup, a broad fjord that splits the
Wetfjords region of northwestern Iceland

The tongue of the Kaldalon glacier which spills of the Drangajokull icecap in
the Westfjords.  Note the recessional end moraine deposits in the foreground.

Looking back down the Kaldalon Valley to the Isafjardarjup from above the glacier

Glacial striations and their maker, the terminus of the Kaldalon glacier

Two patterns of columnar jointing at Vogurviti on the Hunafloi coast on Skagi, a penninsula in
northern Iceland.  While separated by water the different columnar joint patterns
probably represent the lower collanade and entablature of a single flow.

Looking down on the columnar joints at Vogurviti

A waterfall where the Fossa river flows into the sea on Skagi

A perfect camp 100 meters above a perfectly still Hunafloi at the edge of the
Greenland Sea.  The peaks of the Westfjords stand across the Hunafloi.  This
photo was taken at about 11:30 PM!

Jeanne enjoying the last night of our trip at the spectacular camp shown above