Iceland 2003
Keck pre-Project Field Trip

Photos from the pre-project field trip through southern Iceland taken in preparation for our field work in northern Iceland.
Amy Clifton of the Nordic Volcanological Institute (Nordvulk) led the trip.

The oblique intersection of two tensional structures at Kinn on Reykjanes: in the foreground
is a rift that openned above a propagating dike; and on the horizon is a fault scarp

Brennan discusses flow relationships exposed in the scarp from the photo above
(photo: John Winter)

A basalt dike intruded into phreatomagmatic tuff beds during the
early 1200's AD Reykjanes fires eruptions

A close up of the dike from the photo above

A crater row in lavas erupted during the early 1200's AD Reykjanes fires event

The Nesjavellir geothermal plant, on the northern flanks of Hengill volcano.
This plant supplies hot water for houshold use and heating in the Reykjavik area

A "rift" at Thingvellir.  Actually, the "rift" is a tensional structure formed at the outer
hinge of a monocline that was created where a steep normal fault reached the surface.

Subglacially erupted pillow basalts exposed at Laugardalsvellir

An eruption of the Geyser Strokur.  This geyser is a part of a geothermal
field that includes the geyser Geysir which gives its name to all geysers
(photo: Dave Auerbach)

Gullfoss, a two tiered waterfall on the Hvitá River

The power of the lower tier of Gullfoss

A brief farm stop allowed the group to meet the famed icelandic horse.  Paige tried
to feed the horse one of our precious carrots with Amy, John, Rick, Deanne,
and Dave (left to right) looking on.

Ashley, Amanda, Katie, and Marian (left to right) in front of a waterfall above Stong

Hekla viewed from the west, a perspective that shows the elongate
form of the volcano.

A series of ash and pumice deposits derived mostly from Hekla

The Namshraun, a rhyolite lava flow that erupted in 1477 AD at the edge of
the Torfajokull caldera

Columns in obsidian from a coherent block within the otherwise chaotic products of
the subglacial eruption of rhyolite within the Torfajokull caldera (photo: Dave Auerbach)

Our friends from Nordvulk; three research fellows, (L to R) Dorthe (Denmark),
Lillemor (Sweden), and Fredrik (Sweden), joined us for our field trip
and gave us a bit more of an international perspective (photo: Katie Ackerly)

The "já já sisterhood".  Amy and our driver, Marie, consult on the best choice of
routes having reached a washed out road during our return trip (photo: John Winter).

Amy Clifton (Nordvulk) led our field trip in southern Iceland.  Here she shows
us the surace rupture (red arrows) created during a M 6.6 earthquake
in the South Iceland Seismic Zone in June of 2000