A sampling of pictures taken during USD Isles of Greece classes in 2009, 2011, and 2012

The Acropolis of Athens from Lykavittos Hill

The Acropolis of Athens from our hotel in 2011

Athens from the Acropolis, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium, and Mount Hymettos

Delphi, the Temple of Apollo perched between the valley below and the limestone cliffs above

Ancient Corinth, Temple of Apollo with Acrocorinth above

View from Acrocorinth across the isthmus that connects the Peloponnesian Peninsula to the rest of mainland Greece
The Gulf of Corinth on the left (west) and the Saronic Gulf on the right (east)

Students snorkeling by the Roman harbor at Kenchreai, which has subsided since Roman times

Student Jessica Albers preparing to serenade us in the ancient theatre at Epidaurus

Two of our boats under sail between Rhodes and the Lycian coast of Turkey

Lindos on Rhodes, the harbor on the left (with our yachts) and the Acropolis on the right

Symi town on the island of Symi

The volcanic island of Nisyros

The phreatic crater (1881-1887) within the main caldera of Nisyros

Santorini volcano from the air en route to Crete

Pyroclastic strata exposed in the caldera wall of Santorini (Thira)

The village Oia perched on the caldera wall at the north end of Thira

The Methana peninsula is very nearly an island (note isthmus on the right).  Its hills are dacite and andesite domes.

The youngest dacite lava on Methana erupted in 230 B.C.E.

Rugged mountain at the head of the Samaria Gorge on Crete

Beautiful chevron folds near Agios Pavlos on Crete

A fine fault above Agios Pavlos on Crete

Slickenlines on brecci on a fault above Agios Pavlos on Crete

Karistos on the island of Euboia.  The hewn columns below are about half way between the town and the summit.

Unfinished columns left at the quarry site aboe Karistos on the island of Euboia.

Folds in marble above Karistos on the island of Euboia

USD Earth Sciences students Alex Hammerstrom, Ross Menking, and Karen Herrig in front of an eclogite knocker on Syros in 2012

Nelson Stone and Michelle Corio in the Stoa of Attalos (reconstructed) in Athens in 2012

Clyaton Lehmann lecturing on a granite slab on Paros

Peter Nicolaides discussing the Antikythira wreck marine archaeology project that he dove on with Jaque Cousteau

A damaged sculpture on display in the National Museum with the Antikythira exhibit, recovered from a ship wreck

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